Introduction to uZone 2

uZone 2 is an advanced system which allows launching and managing an almost unlimited number of processes on a scalable set of remote hosts.

It was designed for the game industry - as a technology to allow game developers to manage a high number of game servers, implement match-making systems and build various scalable systems for MMO projects. We also believe that it could be used successfully elsewhere - wherever scalability or distributed computing is required.

The latest uZone 2 runs on .NET/Mono which allows us to support almost any of today's desktop or server platforms. There is also a client side portion of the system providing a C# API, which is currently available for the Unity engine only.

uZone 2 does not depend on any other product in the UnityPark Suite but integrates extremely well with uLobby. Coupled with uLobby, it is possible to create a very dynamic match-making system that can start and stop game servers through uZone 2 and present them to players connected to the same uLobby-host.