Unity Emulation Layer

For our internal needs at MuchDifferent we built a Unity emulation layer, which has become the foundation for the following products:

uServer (beta)

uServer is a standalone library that mocks the Unity engine, enabling you to e.g. develop an external lightweight .NET server application that shares your Unity code. Or, you can use it to develop standalone tests - possibilities are plenty. Even though our other products do not always have standalone alternatives, such as uLink, uServer makes it possible to run them and many other Unity libraries outside Unity. On Windows, uServer also means that you can use the full power of Microsoft Visual Studio for debugging and profiling your code. You may of course also use uServer in Mono applications.

uSuite Load Tester (beta)

The Load Tester is a simple yet effective tool for performing distributed load tests on Unity server applications. It requires next to no effort to set up and run typical load tests with this tool, while scaling over all available cores of your hardware. Just as with uServer, the Load Tester allows you to work entirely in Visual Studio if desired.