UnityPark Suite Developer Site


This is the developer site for the UnityPark Suite product family. Here you will be guided through the use of each of the products from a basic level on to more advanced techniques. You can browse the contents of the manual, which includes product descriptions and overviews, in the menu to the right. Please feel free to visit our user forum to make suggestions or report any problems that you encounter. There you can also ask any questions that you don't feel that the manual or API reference has answers for. Downloads are available on the download page.

As a complement to the manual, you can browse the full API listings of the different products in the API reference section.

UnityPark Suite is a complete network and back end system for developing multiplayer and MMO games in Unity. No matter what you wish to create, for any platform that Unity supports, from a seamless MMO to a simple co-op game, and everything in between - UnityPark Suite is specially engineered to take you there the fastest.

Licensing UnityPark Suite

If you would like to purchase an indie license (to qualify as indie you must have a yearly turnover of less than €100,000) please go to the UnityPark Store and purchase one from there. For more information about licensing and licenses for games that do not qualify as indie please contact sales@muchdifferent.com.

Buy an indie license

Design and architecture

Every component is transparently integrated in the Unity Engine and carefully tuned to create a smooth workflow. Every component is designed to make development fast and fun, and at the same time live up to the most extreme performance demands.

Application scalability

UnityPark Suite has not only a best practice approach to scaling the back-end of online games but has successfully pioneered the subject. Both small and large games benefit equally from the solutions that are built into the suite.

Start small and add as you go

Begin developing a multiplayer game using uLink. Add uLobby and uGameDB for player accessibility and persistent data management. Add uZone to completely automate game server instantiation.

Fast prototyping, fast deployment

With components such as the uLink Master Server, the uLink Proxy Server and together with a wide range of utility scripts, Unity developers have a fast track to getting their games online.

UnityPark Suite is a complete set of products that give multiplayer games the freedom to grow.